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Ethics at Deloitte

Leading with integrity

At Deloitte we want to do what is right. Our commitment to highest levels of ethics, quality and integrity underlie everything we do as we seek to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people, and our communities. The Global Principles of Business Conduct (“Global Code”) and our Shared Values outline the commitments that each Deloitte professional makes.

At Deloitte, integrity is our foundation. Deloitte’s ethics programme helps building ethical sensitivity, encourages consultation and supports ethical decision making.

- Chief Ethics Officer Deloitte Belgium

Speaking up

Consultation goes to the heart of Deloitte culture. Our professionals are encouraged to speak openly and expected to speak up if they observe or experience any conduct which they perceive to be unethical or against our company values and policies. Similarly, we wish that our stakeholders contact us and speak up if they suspect or encounter any wrongdoings concerning Deloitte.

If any actual or suspected misconduct concerning Deloitte comes to your attention, we encourage you to consult directly with Deloitte representatives.

Alternatively, you may use our whistleblowing channel, Deloitte Speak Up. Deloitte Speak Up channel is administered by a third party to maintain confidentiality and, when requested, anonymity.

Whistleblowing policy

For any breaches identified in the Whistleblowing Directive or the Belgian implementing legislation (as set out in our Whistleblowing Policy), our whistleblowing channel, Deloitte Speak Up, may be used. This channel can also be used to report any other actual or suspected misconduct concerning Deloitte. In this last case, the measures set out in the Whistleblowing Policy will not apply.

In case you have any questions or inquiries regarding Whistleblowing, that are not answered in our Whistleblowing Policy, you can contact the Deloitte Ethics Office via