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Comic banner of Ella, the Cyberhero

It’s Ella, the Cyberhero!

Learn how to safely navigate the internet through Ella’s adventures.

Join Ella on her adventures!

Ella, our cyber heroine, has an insatiable curiosity, loves to solve problems and is very interested in technology. When her friends are in trouble due to a cyber hack, she comes to the rescue. Follow along as Ella and her friends learn about how to safely surf and navigate the internet.

The Comic Book

Cover of the comic book 'The Big Hack'
Ella reading on a tablet
Read The Big Hack

When hackers target her friend, it’s Ella and her cyber-savvy knowledge to the rescue! Flip through The Big Hack to learn more.

Watch the video

Grab a snack and listen to The Big Hack reading video.

At School

The Tutorial Video

Learn all the ins and outs for facilitating an Ella session.

Female teacher in the classroom
The Lesson Plan

A detailed overview with all the materials you need to introduce Ella to your students.

The Vocabulary Video

A quick explanation of the terms you’ll find in The Big Hack, like firewall and two-step verification.

At Home

'The Big Hack' board game
Play The Big Hack game!

How would you react if your computer was hacked? Play our The Big Hack board game for an immersive learning experience. For this activity, you will need scissors and elastic strings (to attach a mask).

Watch the Vocabulary Video

Here you will find a quick explanation of the cyber-security terms within The Big Hack, like firewall and two-step verification.

Order the comic

Send me the comic book!

If you would like to receive a hard copy of The Big Hack comic book, please fill out the form below.
Note that that as of September 2023, a postage fee will be applied to all orders.

Comic visual of Ella holding her tablet


I want Ella ambassadors to come to my school!

Sign up to have an Ella ambassador facilitate an Ella session in your class! This includes a half-day session about cybersecurity leveraging the defined lesson plan (available for download via the ‘At School’ section).

What you need to know:
  • Lesson plans have been developed for 5th or 6th grade students only.
  • Half a day session means either all morning or all afternoon, including regularly scheduled breaks.
  • Teachers must be present in class during the session (no other preparation is needed)
  • Must have materials: a white board or a classical black board and a way to show the class videos (with sound) via a connected PC
  • Nice to have materials:
    • Wifi
    • A device equipped with internet (smart phone, tablet, chrome books, etc.) for MAX 3-4 kids they can use during the animation
Comic visual of Ella being happy

About Deloitte and The Ella Project

Ella is the face of an engaging and interactive learning campaign about cybersecurity, providing students between the ages of 10 – 12 with the right tools to increase awareness about safely navigating the internet.

This project was launched after extensive research showing that the domain of cybersecurity is still untapped in schools, and teachers do not feel confident in teaching internet safety to students. This results in all kinds of unsafe behaviour, from weak passwords to sharing sensitive information online. Studies show that kids are getting their own smartphones at an increasing younger age – 10 years old – and consequently, are entering digital puberty faster than ever before.

Ella helps schools, and teachers, futureproof their pupils by introducing internet safety at an early age.

Comic visual of Ella using her smartphone

Meet the partners


Questions about the Ella project, our ambassadors, or the materials available?

Veerle Peeters

Veerle Peeters

Director, Cyber Risk Advisory

Inge Diels

Inge Diels

Managing Partner People & Purpose