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Deloitte launches internal chatbot, PairD, now available in Belgium

Launch aligns with Deloitte Belgium’s broader AI strategy


Brussels, 1 February 2024

Deloitte Belgium introduces PairD, an AI chatbot for internal use, previously successfully launched in the UK. PairD will allow Deloitte's 5,900+ Belgian employees to work for clients in a secure, reliable, and even more efficient way. The launch aligns with Deloitte's broader AI strategy. The organisation already advises and guides its clients in integrating artificial intelligence: from rethinking business models to optimising decision-making and processes. More initiatives around AI will follow in the coming months.

Integrating AI and human intelligence

PairD is designed to make the most of the combination of machine power and human intelligence. The AI tool uses GPT-3.5 as its base and unlocks Deloitte's internal knowledge, without using client data. Thus, it makes Deloitte's views, visions, sector knowledge and methodologies even more accessible to all employees. This is done in Deloitte's private environment, with the highest possible protection of its proprietary data. In addition, PairD supports employees in their daily tasks, for instance by automating the handling of contracts and simplifying administration. Combined with the fact that all Deloitte knowledge, across the various disciplines, is now optimally accessible and deployable, it creates more mental space for employees. This allows them to concentrate on the application of this knowledge, which brings real added value to the client. In addition to time gains, this also means quality gains in client work.

"The potential of generative AI is immense. It will enable us to drive innovation internally and with our clients, improve efficiency, be more client-centric, support sustainable processes as well as launch new business models," 

explains Patrick De Vylder, managing partner Delivery Transformation and Innovation.

Ethical AI framework and training

Deloitte is aware of the challenges posed by AI and its ethical responsibilities. To this end, it developed its own multidimensional Trustworthy AI framework, which supports organisations in developing ethical security measures. These make it possible to manage the risks of AI while capturing its full value.

Mandatory training and compliance manuals accompany the introduction of PairD at Deloitte. Employees learn how to use the tools according to compliance rules. They are also trained in specific skills, such as how to formulate correct instructions or 'prompts', as well as to interpret the results generated critically. In addition, the GenAI Fluency programme trains employees to understand GenAI capabilities, conduct customer conversations and develop customised programmes and in-depth technical expertise. Deloitte also sharpened its review processes to ensure deliverables remain of the highest quality.

Focus on AIand innovation

The launch of PairD fits into the broader AI strategy Deloitte developed.

"In recent years, we have already delivered many projects where we applied AI, successfully and ethically. AI is a gamechanger and presents a lot of companies with the question of how to integrate the new evolutions, both in terms of generative AI and other forms, into their business. We want to be a guide and source of inspiration in this respect,"

emphasises Rolf Driesen, CEO of Deloitte Belgium.

Deloitte advises and assists clients in integrating artificial intelligence in various ways: from rethinking business models to optimising decision-making and business processes.

"Generative AI works well in developing strategic insights, curating data or contract handling. AI is also increasingly playing a significant role in the software transformations we do for clients around SAP, Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft and many other technologies,"

says Patrick De Vylder.

Furthermore, Deloitte also organises workshops and training sessions on AI and supports clients in setting up pilot projects around (generative) AI tools. In today's world, success is not achieved by simply telling what technology can achieve, but by showing it. For this reason, the Deloitte Tech Tank was established, as a platform to co-create and co-invest with other organisations. Within this Tech Tank, Deloitte works out rapid prototypes in a controlled environment based on the most technologically innovative solutions. 

"Our first “The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise: Now decides next” survey, which we conducted between October and December to gauge Gen AI adoption, shows that 56% of business and technology leaders worldwide think efficiency and productivity gains can be achieved through the use of AI," 

"And we are only at the beginning of the possibilities offered by AI. We therefore look forward to guiding our clients through this in the coming months and years."

states Rolf Driesen.

Deloitte plans to roll out further AI initiatives in the months ahead.