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Tim Wustenberghs

Partner, Global Business Tax

Tim joined in 2008 as a new partner to start a tax advisory department within the Brussels office of Deloitte Legal (formerly Laga). Per to date, his department has substantially grown (approx. 20 tax lawyers) and has become successful in assisting clients with their direct tax related issues.

Because of the strategic alliance with Deloitte, Tim’s team operates together with or as a subcontractor of Deloitte to bring value-added advice and/or hands-on multidisciplinary solutions for all of their clients.

Tim’s main focus is on corporate (international) tax, both in- and outbound, in relation to large Belgian headquartered companies. Amongst his clients are several Global 500 companies, as well as large Belgian based groups with a global footprint.
In recent years, Tim has spent a significant amount of time on tax aligned supply chain projects and transfer pricing. Besides, Tim is also keen on handling typical domestic tax issues related to e.g. business restructurings, IP box regime, taxation of shipping companies, M&A, and real estate. This combined expertise is especially relevant when being involved in (the design and implementation of) business model optimization projects. In recent years, Tim has focused increasingly on IP structures and R&D linked tax incentives.

The tax advisory team headed by Tim has extensive expertise as a general tax advisor for numerous companies thereby assisting them with their (inbound) investments, corporate restructurings, holding activities and financing structures. His team has considerable experience in business model conversions and international tax strategy reviews as well.

As a subject matter expert, Tim is also regularly handling ruling requests with the Belgian tax administration.