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Suddhabrata Chowdhury

Director, Audit & Assurance

Sudd is a director in the audit and assurance practice of Deloitte Belgium with a focus on serving companies that operate in the United States (US) capital market environment or are preparing for upcoming public offerings in the US. These companies are listed (or contemplating listing) in the United States and are multinational companies based in or having significant operations in Europe.

In his assurance role, Sudd is consulted by his clients on US GAAP accounting and US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting matters. Additionally, Sudd assists companies across industry spectrum in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations for their internal control over financial reporting.

Sudd brings over 12 years of experience in US financial reporting regulatory framework. Currently, Sudd is focusing on financial reporting and SOX compliance services for companies in the life-sciences and technology sectors that are in the growth phase through helping the accounting and financial reporting compliance management functions of such companies with targeted solutions to complex financial reporting challenges under the US regulatory environment.