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Stefan Rusu

Director, Warehousing, Automation and Production Logistics

Stefan is a Director at Deloitte Consulting Belgium, leading the Warehousing, Automation & Production Logistics offering.

He believes these to be both science and art, and thus being at the forefront of best practices and technologies enables them to make an impact that matters for People, Products and Planet.

To support his vision and mission, Stefan leverages his 16+ years of international expertise in logistics and distribution, technology and automation, strategy and innovation, consulting and program management, across multiple industries. He has had the privilege to serve “on all sides of the warehousing table”, besides the evident advisory: as a supplier of both automated and non-automated systems, 3PL, and, very importantly as end-user himself.

This diverse exposure allows Stefan to apply a holistic spectrum of Warehousing expertise, from strategy and tactics, to solution design, implementation, operation & continuous improvement, to Digital and people leadership across all these dimensions.