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Geert Hallemeesch

Leader, Artificial Intelligence & Data

Entrepreneurship is my foundation, data & analytics is my core focus domain and serving my teams and clients throughout a purpose-led business transformation is my passion.

I've been fortunate to have had a front-row seat these past 25 years on the evolution 'from BI to AI’, and how both are needed and will continue to drive success at organizations. As long as they are supported by solid foundations of data management, data governance, modern data platforms and more than ever, Trustworthy AI. 10+ years of experience in running analytical platforms as a managed service provides the experience and insight into the day-to-day challenges, the need for agility and embracing the rapid evolution of technology, as well as the need for trust.

As Artificial Intelligence & Data Leader at Deloitte in Belgium I set the strategic direction for the team and drive the execution of the strategy and as such enable our team to leverage the Deloitte platform to build their bespoke careers.

As Partner in Deloitte I continue to stay close to clients and be involved in the delivery of the services we provide. It enables me to stay connected to the reality of clients' challenges and ambitions.