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Franky Wevers

Partner, Audit & Assurance

I have started my career at Deloitte in 2002. In 2011 I became an Accredit auditor and in 2014 an Accredit auditor recognized by the NBB and FSMA for financial institutions, investment firms and mutual funds. In 2016 I became an Accredited auditor recognized by the NBB and FSMA for insurance companies. I have more than 12 years of experience in auditing of financial services institutions. Besides the audit of financial statements, I also have extensive experience in advisory and risk management assignments in the financial services industry. I represented Deloitte in the Quality Assurance meetings at the NBB during the ECB Quality Assurance Review in 2014. I was also the responsible manager for the AQR mission that took place at one Belgian bank for the SSM/ECB. I have also has experience in IFRS 9 implementation and due diligence work in the Belgian market. Currently I am starting up an IFRS 17 implementation project.