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Digital Consumer Trends 2023

The Belgian cut

"Many Belgians are still unaware of generative AI, though awareness is growing among younger age groups. Embracing generative AI will be about striking the right balance between awareness and comfort in adoption. While many are concerned that generative AI could reduce jobs in the future, it also holds immense possibilities for innovation."

Vincent Fosty, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Lead, Deloitte Belgium

This year, generative AI is our key topic. It is gaining widespread interest as it enables the creation of new content across various domains such as audio, code, images, etc. A significant number of Belgians have already tried generative AI, with ChatGPT being the most recognised tool. One-third of those who have tried it believe it always produces factually accurate answers. In addition to AI, you can also get an update on the device landscape, subscriptions, and connectivity

We asked ChatGPT

PROMPT: We are working on publishing the results of a Digital Consumer Trends survey in Belgium. Act as an industry expert and analyst and write a short quote on the awareness of AI in Belgium

ANSWER: "Belgium's consumers are increasingly tuned into AI's capabilities, signifying a tech-savvy mindset. As customers become more AI-aware, businesses must adapt to exceed their evolving expectations."

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