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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence (BI) is business insight — the practices and tools that enable a business to gather and analyse its data to provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. BI can allow specific functional areas, such as finance, supply chain, human resources, sales and marketing, and customer service, to uniformly interact with each other to help the business answer questions, gain insight, and facilitate intelligence-led decision-making. A Data Warehouse (DW) gathered from the organization’s diverse source systems and specifically structured for query and analysis often forms the basis of a BI platform.

Information transparency

 Most organisations today recognize the importance of improved information management. The only real question is how to get it done. One key is transparency. Unfortunately, many organisations don’t have the solutions in place to manage information effectively. Their enterprise systems do a good job of handling day-to-day operations. But when it comes to analysis and insight, spreadsheets and manual processing are still business as usual. In fact, a large organisation can spend hundreds of millions of euros annually on manual number-crunching and ad hoc analysis. To make matters worse, the resulting numbers tend to be inconsistent and ambiguous, which often leaves decision-makers scratching their heads about which data is right.

Visibility to the one version of the truth can be clouded. Business intelligence and data warehousing can provide the systems, tools, processes and governance to help organisations manage information more effectively – converting data from disparate sources into high-quality information that is consistent, actionable and useful.

  • Avoiding the typical pitfalls of BI/DWH initiatives – Lack of information governance, lack of clear business rules and metrics, and lack of executive sponsorship
  • Realizing the main benefits of a BI/DWH initiative – Timely, accurate and consistent information, better informed decision-making and reduced risk and cost of managing information.
  • BI/DWH Strategy – Determine our clients' BI/DWH strategy, including architecture blueprints, tool selections, organization & data governance, business case and roadmap.
  • BI/DWH Maturity Assessments – Assess our clients' current BI/DWH maturity and determine their ambitions for the future.
  • Key Performance Indicator design – Help our clients pinpoint the metrics and measurements that can drive business value.
  • BI/DWH Implementations – Help our clients develop and implement an information architecture that supports data warehousing, reporting and analysis.
  • Advanced Analytics – Help our clients going one step further in analyzing their data. Examples include data mining, predictive modeling, pricing analysis and spend analysis.
  • Compliancy Reporting – Support compliancy reporting in all kinds of formats - such as xbrl and xml.

Deloitte Belgium offers BI / DW services in all major lines of business in your company.

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