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EMEA Center of Excellence for SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and SAP Transportation Management (TM)

In today’s competitive markets around the world, clients expect products to be delivered in hours rather than days, with specific labeling or packaging, while meeting up with high quality standards and excellent support. This context requires businesses to transform their supply chain applications to provide enhanced visibility on stock, optimized storage and resource planning, while integrating warehouse and transportation processes.

The SAP EWM/TM Centre of Excellence combines Deloitte’s business knowledge with the SAP EWM and TM technology to help businesses optimize and successfully manage warehouse operations and transportation planning.

Our mission is to help companies transform and integrate their warehouse / transportation management processes and systems in the End-to-End Supply Chain, from strategy to execution, enabling them to:

  • Lower operating costs & improve efficiency
  • Improve warehouse & transportation efficiency
  • Increase labor productivity
  • Optimize space utilization.
  • Better manage value-added processes
The move to S/4HANA: Reviewing your WMS options

This article provides guidance, best practices and various approaches for clients ambitioning to move from an ECC based environment towards an S/4HANA suite, more specifically the things to consider when using the warehouse management system. In this point-of-view, we will elaborate on the key elements for transitioning from SAP’s built in WMS solution to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), the principles of the compatibility pack and several scenario’s possible in this transition.

SAP WM to EWM Migration

The Deloitte success recipe

What does it take for your company currently running on SAP WM to migrate to SAP EWM? Do you have the right approach? Do you know if and how to leverage your initial set-up in the new solution? Our Center of Excellence for SAP EWM has a strong team to support clients with the migration of SAP WM to SAP EWM.

Optimize, integrate and track your reverse logistics processes with SAP Advanced Returns Management

Integrate your returns processes with SAP EWM

The Advanced Returns Management (ARM) solution of SAP provides the process efficiency and transparency needed to meet today’s expectations of companies to support the returns process. It brings out-of-the-box processes and functionalities for returns management, covering both supplier returns and customer returns, including warehouse handling.

The warehouse of tomorrow, today

Ubiquitous Computing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning

The past half-a-decade has seen the birth and explosive adoption of technologies which not only redefined the game, but also became or are becoming “a given” of everyday life and business. Supply chain and intralogistics seem to have remained rather indifferent to these technologies and trends, yet this state of affairs may find itself momentarily challenged by the business environment, either demand or competition driven. 

Efficiently balance workload variability in your warehouse with Labour Management in SAP EWM.

Every warehouse manager, whether working for an ice-cream producer, a sunglass manufacturer or any other company, is aware of the workload variation in the warehouse. Many managers wonder how to accommodate this workload variability. Knowing upfront what workload is expected and balancing the resources accordingly are imperative to control this variability. Furthermore, it is important to track the actual performance of resources to be able to act proactively in case of deviations from the initial plan.

SAP Service Parts Management Distribution Center in the Middle East region

Achieving a world-class supply chain requires a flexible, customer-centric network that delivers the highest value with the greatest velocity at a low cost. Enabling organisations to organise and manage their supply chain will allow them to optimise profit, cost, efficiency, flexibility, reliability and customer satisfaction.


Kickstart your SAP EWM journey

How do you mean, “SAP EWM is only fit for large companies with complex warehouse requirements”?

Deloitte’s SAP EWM SMART solution provides leading practices off-the-shelve processes, thereby considerably lowering the threshold for enterprises to use SAP EWM.

Deloitte’s SAP EWM SMART solution can be purchased by you as a pre-configured SAP EWM solution that can be up and running in 1 month or can serve as an excellent SAP EWM project accelerator allowing easy and fast setup of your warehousing requirements you have.

So in case you are a company that has or requires a SAP WM or a basic WMS set-up, this solution will be easy to implement and you can benefit from the leading practices in a matter of weeks.