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Supply Chain Analytics for Insight-Driven Organisations

Supply chain data as an asset for competitiveness

In traditional supply chains, data tend to be siloed into separate information clusters, which can often lead to missed opportunities as organizations cannot see where these areas intersect or align. The promise of an Insight-Driven Organisation, supported by supply chain analytics, is to support the free flow of information across those clusters and to transform data into assets for growth, innovation and transparency.

Discover now a practical example of how we transform supply chains into insight-driven organizations

A modern answer to the toughest supply chain challenges…

Analytics applications were pinpointed by senior executive across the world as being a Value Driver for both operational excellence and supply chain strategy execution. Among the challenges our clients are the most often confronted with, we can cite:

  • Margin & Asset Optimization: quickly understand true cost and value drivers throughout complex supply chains; includes commodities, inventory and working capital, and logistics and transportation networks
  • Event Driven Risk Management: alert on risks and enable the deployment of automated exception handling through a better understanding of their impact on the supply chain operations. Plan for potentials shocks to supply chains
  • Demand Planning & Sensing: improve forecasting accuracy to handle faster product lifecycles and changing customer demands
  • Business Relationship Management: optimize relationships with trading partners and manage performance, compliance, and information flow

…and a powerful enabler for differentiation!

With supply chain analytics, organizations can make the most out of their physical and digital networks and really tap into the value and opportunities that are offered by an ever-more connected world.

Analytics at the core, new insights at the surface!

At Deloitte, we believe that those challenges can be addressed by unlocking the hidden value of our clients’ data… That is why we typically advise to work with a ‘digital stack’ to enable the optimal collection, treatment and consumption of information in (near) real time. The ‘digital stack’ provides our clients with a single location to access data from multiple sources - products, customers, suppliers, aftermarket support, connected devices,… – hence encapsulating multiple perspectives.

The ‘digital core’ is typically composed of 3 layers that synchronize and integrate the data while ensuring an improved connectivity with other systems:

  • Belonging to the enterprise application landscape (ERP systems, planning solution, warehousing applications, machine sensors,…)
  • Evolving in the external world (suppliers, 3PLs, customers, retailers,...)

In turn, those three layers serve as a dynamic data foundation for the ‘digital stack’. The stack is build such as to further enable and simplify the use of supply chain analytics by the supply chain workforce and any other authorized stakeholder (executives, finances, marketing, S&OP,…). Among the most impactful supply chain analytics solutions developed so far, Deloitte recognizes the following applications:

The fast development of digital technologies combined with the adoption of the right analytics capabilities represents an immense opportunity for organizations to either operate in a more efficient and transparent way or even reinvent themselves to better compete in the digital age.

Benjamin Gabriel, Consultant in Supply Chain Analytics

The rise of the digital supply network

Supply chains are traditionally linear, but today supply chains are transforming into dynamic, interconnected systems. These digital supply networks integrate information from many different sources to drive production and distribution, potentially altering manufacturing’s competitive landscape.

Insights into Red Cross Flanders’ supply chain for blood services

Helping the Red Cross to ride the wave of disruption– Exponential technologies impact on business today as both a driver and disrupter. Deloitte’s role is to design solutions that give clients the courage to embrace the extraordinary opportunities on offer.

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