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SMART WAREHOUSING – SAP EWM pre-configured solution

Making the EWM transformation accessible for all


Customers expect products to be delivered in hours rather than days, often with specific labelling or packaging. What is the impact for warehouse managers?

Organizing teams, executing daily operations efficiently, and dealing with ever more complex warehouse processes and functions: those are the main challenges faced by warehouse and supply chain managers.

It would be tempting to turn to a solution such as SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), which addresses your challenges while still leaving the door open for future innovation and growth.

But despite its obvious advantages, many of you wonder if EWM is affordable and if it meets your immediate needs.

In response to those concerns, the Deloitte EWM Center of Excellence has designed a pre-configured solution, SMART WAREHOUSING, to make EWM accessible to all.

SMART WAREHOUSING allows you to implement the 14 most value-adding features of EWM in less than a month and at an affordable price.

Smart Warehousing

The 6 most frequently asked questions about EWM and SMART WAREHOUSING

The Center of Excellence combines Deloitte’s industry knowledge with SAP EWM technology to help managers optimize their warehouse operations and planning.

Our priority is to stay attentive to your most pressing concerns. That is why SMART WAREHOUSING was developed with your challenges in mind.

Download this white paper to discover your peers’ most frequently asked questions and how we answer them.

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    You are curious about SMART WAREHOUSING and would like to see how it fits your specific needs? Schedule a personal lunch with one of our team members. Contact us for more information. 

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