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Document Management System for Global Trade

The customs and global trade documentation archiving and traceability can be very burdensome on your company. It is often spread between different stakeholders within your organization and is even outsourced to external service providers. Even if you do have a Global Trade Management system (such as SAP GTS) in place, it does not always come with a handy and user-friendly overview of your documents. Having an end-to-end audit trail documentation is first of all a compliance requirement but it does also provide you with the key insights you need on your organization risk management and performance indicators.

Learn how Deloitte can help your company to fully leverage the benefits of your global trade system through OpenText solutions. With Document Management System you will be able to store, access and provide the complete documentation required in a global trade context in a safe, transparent and controlled manner, responding both to your needs and those of the authorities.

About DMS for Global Trade

Document Management System for Global Trade (also known as DMS for Global Trade) is aset of technologies and practices that maximises the value of information while minimising risks.

The main reasons to implement a DMS for Global Trade are the following:

  • Risk Mitigation: To avoid non-compliance and potential fines, organisations need to store the end-to-end documentation package that is required in a global trade context (e.g. customs declaration, export license, CMR, etc.). Moreover, a DMS has the advantage of protecting documents against tampering and deletion during the legal retention period.
  • Cost Saving: DMS leads to cost savings because of paper reduction, manual work reduction and high user adoption. Additionally, it can reduce your dependance on third party logistics service providers.
  • Automation: DMS can be integrated with SAP GTS or other ERP and Global Trade Management systems. This integration allows re-use of ERP data, automatic archiving and creation of documents when required but also automatic recognition of scanned documents, etc.
  • Control: ERP and GTM data in DMS allows for document-centric reporting and KPI dashboards with instant view on missing mandatory documents. Additionally, DMS is fitted with secure file sharing, advanced authorisation concepts and full auditability.
Key features of DMS for Global Trade

In order to make sure Document Management System for Global Trade is fully compliant with the customs and trade compliance regulations, DMS for Global Trade is developed and tailored in close collaboration with our Deloitte Global Trade Advisory team.

Therefore, the solution presents a complex set of features:

  • Compliance with legal retention period of documents per country/region.
  • Advanced search allowing users to find required documents based on various business metadata.
  • Records management, full auditability and protection against deletion/modifications of documents.
  • Business reporting features to perform document-centric analysis.
  • Numerous integration capabilities including with ERP systems and E-mail (e.g.connection with customs brokers/3PLs mailbox/system/portal).
  • Optical character recognition of incoming documents, automatic archiving and document validation.
  • Automation of e-mail processing based on the subject and body of the messages.
How can we help your company?

Our major ECM service offerings include:

  • Strategy & Architecture - Developing a content management strategy and roadmap and creating a technology architecture.
  • Design & Implementation - Analysing, designing and implementing technology solutions and processes for managing content.
  • Tool Selection - Providing the right set of applications through our extensive partnerships with leading content management and portal vendors.
  • Software sales - As certified OpenText Reseller, Deloitte can guide you through the procurement process.

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