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Predicting the future of MedTech in 2025 and beyond

How will MedTech companies drive the future of health?

Deloitte predicts that MedTech companies will be driving the future of health, using transformative technology and sophisticated data analytics capabilities to enhance product and services and drive the realisation of ‘4P’ medicine.

The MedTech forum

In April 2021, Karen Taylor, Director, UK Centre for Health Solutions, and Michel De Ridder, Deloitte Belgium Partner Regulatory and Compliance, delivered a keynote at the virtual MedTech Forum 2021, the largest health and medical technology industry conference in Europe.

Drawing on Deloitte predictions and research, they explored the role of MedTech companies in the future of health and the regulatory and cyber implications needed to provide trust for patients and business partners.

We invite you to watch the keynote to gain insights into how MedTech companies will actively drive the future of health.

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