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Execution to Impact in BioPharma

7 methods to optimize Omnichannel Analytics in EMEA

Customer Experience initiatives are advancing to new heights in the biopharmaceutical industry, thanks to recent advancements in data technology that unlock unparalleled engagement opportunities. Consequently, communication is flourishing from all corners, involving not only patients but also clinical and non-clinical stakeholders. This transformation enables healthcare professionals to stay abreast of medical innovations, such as next-gen therapies, non-linear treatment pathways, and the growing influence of patients in their own care.

Nevertheless, with the proliferation of new digital channels, the need for more effective coordination of information provision by pharmaceutical manufacturers and their partners has never been greater. Regional disparities in regulation, technology, and data accessibility play a significant role. In Europe, gathering, storing, and utilizing data related to individual preferences and behaviors can be relatively challenging, despite its potential to enhance the overall experience.

We encourage you to download our white paper and delve into seven methods for optimizing Omnichannel Analytics in EMEA

Here's what you'll uncover in this document:

  • A deep dive into the fundamental drivers shaping the evolving commercial operating model.
  • A local omnichannel activation to harness the transformative currents: While some trailblazers report early successes in the United States regarding omnichannel activation, there are significant challenges specific to the European landscape that hinder the application of a one-size-fits-all approach. Variations in context, scale, mindset, data, and GDPR legislation necessitate thoughtful consideration by executives and go-to-market teams.
  • Seven effective methods for optimizing Omnichannel Analytics in EMEA.
  • Strategies for expanding your Omnichannel program on a global scale: Once you've unlocked the EMEA arena, we recommend crafting and executing a scaling plan tailored to your specific requirements and priorities. This plan should be based on existing resources, required use cases, desired maturity levels, prioritized countries and brands, and more.

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