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Value Based Procurement

A new paradigm still on the verge of practical breakthrough

How to eat the Value-based Procurement elephant?Without a doubt, the health care sector is in full evolution. New, but often expensive, technologies and medications give patients access to unseen quality of care.
This, however, puts a growing pressure on the sustainability of today’s health care systems, as demographics and an increased life expectancy drive higher health care consumption. One of the main challenges for the future is maintaining the difficult and delicate balance between costs and quality.

It can be of no surprise that Value-based Healthcare (VBH), where patient and treatment results are measured against the cost of care, is and will stay high on the agenda. It seems that Value-based Procurement (VBP) – a concept used for the implementation of ‘value’ thinking in the procurement process - has become its equally fashionable partner.

It is in this context that Deloitte conducted an international survey on Value-based procurement, using a methodology of qualitative interviews with key stakeholders involved in the sourcing process at the health care providers.
Discover the insight into to what extent Value-based procurement has already been implemented, how it is done and the difficulties encountered in the implementation process.

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