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Europe's MedTech Attractiveness

Strong Healthcare Hubs and Talent Pools Paving the Way for Innovation and Patient Solutions 

In a continuously evolving MedTech landscape, Europe finds itself at a critical juncture, navigating through multiple transformative shifts and emerging trends that are reshaping the industry. To keep its leading position, Europe must proactively embrace and capitalize on these shifts and market trends.


The research done demonstrates that Europe remains an attractive market for MedTech innovation, both for developing, manufacturing and launching products. Driven by high-tech hubs, strong talent pools, local and EU support, in combination with progressive healthcare systems that proof to be attractive markets.  

In order to respond to new evolutions that will transform the health care landscape, Europe will need to continue its support for the industry, invest in even more talent (e.g., digital & data), align its regulatory and legal frameworks and invest in a more harmonized market, from a health data, value-based healthcare and market access perspective.  

More collaboration between industry and government actors will be needed, also supporting smaller companies in navigating Europe as a place for innovation.  

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