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Current trends in the global services industry

Three major worldwide trends are visible in the FSI today, confronting financial services with significant challenges.

Quality of services and operational excellence

Accelerating developments have brought about the need for higher quality services and operational excellence. Financial services organisations must simplify processes, upgrade IT systems, share resources between business lines, and adopt more subcontracting and/or relocation. Success will often rely on a broader vision and a stronger focus on execution.

Innovation and commercial efficiency

Financial services firms must pursue all potential sources of revenue. Product innovation has to be accompanied with faster time to market. Improved commercial efficiency demands continually evolving distribution models and more professional staff. The penetration of new markets requires an agile and pragmatic policy of partnerships, joint ventures or acquisitions.

Steering performance and controlling risk while maintaining compliance

Financial services firms must steer commercial and financial performance while controlling risk in a very complex regulatory environment. Along with this, the need for relevant and reliable information increases by the minute.

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