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Composable banking

A new way to transform the banking industry

Deloitte and Mambu have partnered to introduce a new transformation approach that leverages composable banking. By treating change as a constant, we empower financial institutions to accelerate their pace of transformation and stay ahead.

Financial institutions are challenged by the lack of flexibility of their architecture landscape which prevents them from accelerating their pace of transformation and support their latest strategies to stay ahead in an ever more competitive market.

To cope with these challenges, several established players have engaged in large-scale, costly, multi-year transformation programmes which represent a high risk for these organisations and limits their innovation potential during the duration of the migration.

But what if there was another way to transform that increases business agility and reduces risk and total cost of ownership?

In this paper, Deloitte and Mambu outline the concept of composable banking: a new transformation approach that aims to treat change as a constant based on the rapid and flexible assembly of independent, best-for-purpose systems.

Discover how the plug and play approach of composable banking allows transformation to take place fractionally to deliver hyper-personalised client journeys in months rather than years.

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