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Actuarial & financial risk advisory

Financial risk management

We provide expertise in actuarial and financial risks (markets, credit, operational, ALM) measurement and management, and regulatory compliance

Our services cover:

  • Cartography of risks: review of risks and processes, identification of the most sensitive risk factors, qualitative and quantitative evaluation
  • Definition, rollout and steering of aggregated risk indicators (VaR, Earnings at Risk…)
  • Assistance with Basel II (diagnosis, data, calculation methods…), including the second pillar
  • Determination of risk management tools meeting the needs of pillar 1 and 2 of Solvency II
  • Development of internal models for calculation of the need of equity capital and its optimal allocation
  • Diagnosis of asset & liability management tools and assistance with modelling assets & liabilities
  • Reinforcing the processes for the production of risks and performance indicators and reports

Governance and regulatory compliance

We develop and customise valuable propositions to help our clients to manage regulatory risks effectively such that compliance can be seen as a source of competitive advantage.

Our services cover:

  • Training cycles (MiFID, Basel II and Solvency II, Anti-Money Laundering, IAS 32-39, IFRS 7, SEPA, …)
  • Advice and support on development of internal systems, policies and procedures in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Advice and support with the design on implementation of compliance functions, codes of conduct, whistle blower policies and compliance programmes
  • Regulatory compliance due diligence investigations, audits and reviews
  • Regulatory and accounting advice
  • Assistance with requests for approval and authorization of new activities / products with the competent authorities (CBFA,…)
  • Co-sourcing of internal control/internal audit

Valuation and risk modelling

Our services cover:

  • Development of models for measuring credit risk, market risk (interest rates, credit, equity, FX, commodities, volatility, …) and operational risks
  • Independent valuation of financial instruments
  • Validity and robustness of valuation and risk measurement tools
  • Sensitivity analysis of models and parameters

Actuarial and insurance

Our services include:

  • Determination and validation of European Embedded Value according to European standards
  • Assistance with roll-out of methodology of Embedded Value calculation, of economic capital and Solvency II
  • Actuarial expertise within the framework of acquisitions or divestures
  • Review of policy for technical reserves and pricing of insurance products
  • Diagnosis and assistance concerning asset & liability management for insurance companies
  • Knipperlicht/Clignotant studies
  • Risk infrastructure reviews and advice (CPA-I 2006)

Pension and employee benefits

Our services cover:

  • Validation and evaluation of pension contracts and employee benefits according to different references (IFRS, US GAAP,…)
  • Optimization of remuneration policy
  • Analysis of the Financial position of the pension plan/fund, including ALM studies
  • Pre and post merger services in the pension domain, such as alignment of benefits