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Project Controls Transformation

Today’s major capital projects are increasingly complex and under significant scrutiny. Scale, duration and complexity are growing, as are expectations around predictability and control. No-one likes surprises; the unexpected is unacceptable. This is why project controls are more important than ever to ensure confidence in delivery. Get them right and you deliver your projects on time and to budget. But get them wrong and it can cost up to hundreds of millions of pounds of overruns.

Project controls are mechanisms by which project activities can be measured or forecast and accurately reported, to inform timely decision-making and intervention. The most useful controls, such as time, cost and risk, tend to recur across multiple projects. Please view the below video to find out more. 

What we do

Deloitte has extensive experience of successfully setting up and transforming project controls. We’ve helped transform organisations responsible for some of the most complex capital projects including asset management organisations, ‘in-flight’ projects, programmes running multiple projects, and pop-up organisations responsible for the delivery of ‘mega projects’. Using our experience we can define what good looks like and provide insightful benchmarking against leading practice and programmes of equivalent size and complexity.

Our offering

In our experience clients and traditional engineering and other project management consultancy firms who deliver project controls, fail to establish an optimal sustainable capability because their approach is limited to a technical knowledge of project controls disciplines.

While the project controls disciplines are a core component of any project controls transformation; our experience is that there are three elements that need to come together to drive success:

  1. Project controls disciplines: to provide the technical controls aspects.Setting out the project controls technical requirements and capabilities is complex and it requires suitable qualified and experienced people to support their definition and development.
  2. Integrated operating model: to consider the required capability from a leadership, culture & talent; organisation; governance; process; data & reporting; and systems perspective.
    We have adopted our Deloitte Target Operating Model approach to underpin project controls, modelling the key elements required to ensure the right programme decisions can be made based on assured data produced in a consistent manner.
  3. Transformation approach: to ensure the right environment and culture exists to enable the change.Fundamental to transforming project controls is ensuring the right environment is created and sustained for change both within project controls disciplines and the overall organisation operating model.

Deloitte’s ‘transformation’ approach ensures that fundamentals-based solutions are well thought through, more readily adopted within the organisation and stick.

Steve Elliott – Programme Controls Director, Crossrail; Thames Tideway; Terminal Heathrow 5

How we can help

Our vision is to leave a sustainable project controls capability, securing delivery of your future investments

Deloitte has years of experience helping clients establish effective project controls – either by creating an appropriate structure from the outset, or, as is more often the case, by transforming an underperforming set-up.

Our holistic approach means that we think about the whole project, not just the individual components. We have the depth of understanding in transformation, with our well-developed methodology and tools for each phase.

Moreover we have established relationships with strategic suppliers, subject matter experts and key software vendors to help ensure that the right expertise is sought and solution realised. Talk to us early, even if your project is still an idea or proposal. While we can certainly help further down the line, it costs less to think early about project controls.

Our solutions

NGIN offers a unique set of industry tailored solutions in five specific domains:

NGIN Homepage

NGIN Solutions

  1. NGIN Insights (IoT/Analytics)
  2. NGIN Asset Management
  3. NGIN Engineering
  4. NGIN Renewables
  5. NGIN Grid Procurement

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