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Flemish industry aims to become carbon neutral

Deloitte develops roadmap for VLAIO to support the transition

Working in collaboration with VUB-IES, Climact and AMS, with a contribution from the Wuppertal Institute, Deloitte has developed a roadmap for VLAIO, the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, an organisation of the Flemish government, to support the transition to a carbon neutral Flemish industry.

The study, which provides insights into Flemish industries and values chains, identifies the technologies and pathways that can be deployed by the industries to reduce CO2 emissions and continue to provide their services, which will still be required in a greener world.

Important conditions, and the policy measures and investment needed, are also identified.

Deloitte and its partners assessed different possible technologies and pathways to achieve carbon neutrality and create value based on the following pillars:

  • Transformation of processes through electrification or use of hydrogen
  • Use of biomass
  • Circular carbon in materials
  • Carbon capture and utilisation

Read the report to find out more.

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