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Critical materials: how to plan for a resource scarce European business environment?

The Future of Materials

The Future of Materials report

In our exponentially changing society, the demand for materials has surged due to their essential role in critical applications, from powering devices to advancing renewable energy, medicine, and defense. But resources are not limitless, and the ongoing pressure on them will intensify due to factors such as global population growth, industrialization, digitalization, demands from developing nations, and the push for climate-neutrality transitions. According to OECD, a doubling of global materials demand by 2060 is foreseen, warning fierce competition and a shift from oil dependence to critical materials.

In this context, Deloitte aims to share insights on Europe's current situation, analyze future threats to specific sectors and technologies, and offer strategies to tackle upcoming challenges. The primary focus is on specific materials with increasing future demand and significant supply risks.

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