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Innovation and sustainability in the food industry

Cooking up a financing strategy

Sustainability challenges and consumer awareness of circular solutions are driving the need for sustainable innovation in the food industry. With obtaining external financing often being pivotal to developing food innovation projects, we explore opportunities to drive positive change.

In addition to European funding, such as Horizon Europe grants, to support R&D efforts in the food sector, virtually every EU country offers a plethora of financing opportunities for R&D and sustainability that can be complimentary to the EU funding.

Not only product development can be financed, but so can process development as is increasingly the case. The financing of process development not only applies to new processes but also upgrades of an existing production installation.

External financing may help shift unfavourable ROI or open doors to cutting edge, higher risk projects. Moreover, engaging in food innovation through grants and incentives yields numerous other benefits to the participating companies, as well as, to the impacted regions, such as reducing environmental impact, driving economic growth, and developing healthier food options.

We invite you to read our paper to explore the opportunities, benefits, and strategy to obtaining financing for your food innovation projects.

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