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Deloitte’s software quality and standards

Deloitte Australia has been ISO 27001:2002 certified.

We build our software under Deloitte’s Global Technology Operating Model (GTOM), a global technology assurance process. It’s critical to successfully expanding digital innovation and for the secure management of asset-enabled businesses. GTOM ensures Deloitte technology assets and solutions align with industry security standards and processes and are hosted on Deloitte-certified environments.

Guided by the following five pillars, we build secure, protected solutions and deliver confidence to our clients.


Assets are hosted on Deloitte-certified environments, ensuring optimal protection, security and enhanced performance.


Penetration testing and a set of security checkpoints have been implemented and are managed by approved cybersecurity professionals, enabling full tracking of the asset lifecycle and rapid response to cyber incidents. Cybersecurity professionals maintain and annually renew an active certification through the Global Asset Program’s Technical Certification Framework, allowing them to implement and manage security checkpoints.

Solution Development & Management

Assets are developed and reviewed in collaboration with IT experts to ensure they satisfy proper protocols and meet infrastructure, security, quality, and compliance requirements. This includes all architectures, templates, platforms and resources for assets.

Planning & Program Management

A documented management process is followed to guarantee quality, accelerate speed to market for technology enhancements, and tailor applications to new use cases.

Privacy & Risk

Vendor-procured technology follows a documented privacy review and procurement process to guarantee adequacy of vendor security controls, and independence.