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Software Group

Scaling our expertise through technology, to solve complex problems, faster.

At Deloitte's Software Group, we drive strategic growth and transformation through the innovative application of technology. We combine the right skills and experiences to design, build, deliver, and operate software to help streamline work, reduce risk, create new operating models, improve competitiveness, or win in the market.

Our Thesis

Every problem has a solution. How do we know? For years our people have been crafting solutions for our clients, and the world’s most pressing problems. We are taking that experience and infusing it into our software to drive greater value across our clients. 

From streamlining outcomes, to assessing risk, enhancing operating models, and more. Now, we combine intelligent insights, clever software solutions, and astute ingenuity to find innovative ways of doing things.  

Reinventing business to solve for tomorrow’s problems.

Our Team

Meet our people!  

We are data specialists, designers, product managers, software developers, and much more. We’re a mix of specialists from across industry who know, live and breathe tech.  

The Software Group is a team of diverse individuals with a singular passion for innovation, on a mission to combine our proprietary technology with services that create greater value for our clients.  

We’re everything you’d expect from Deloitte: leading the way with cutting-edge tech in professional services. We’re always looking for fresh thinkers to be part of an incredible group.  

  • Designers
  • Product & Operations
  • Developers

“At Software Group we value kindness, curiosity, and trust above anything. I love spending time with customers, discovering problems and having the freedom to create innovative solutions with my product teams.” – Aidan Depetro, Group Product Manager

“It’s exciting to bring a product mindset to an organisation with the size and reputation of Deloitte. The opportunities for a Product Manager to have high impact are amazing.” - Ben Wonson, Product Manager

“There is so much diversity from all walks in the Software Group which I thoroughly enjoy. Every day is different and there is always something to learn from my peers and the extended teams we partner with.” - Karen Ramanair, Operations and Performance Lead

“Every datum holds a narrative within, akin to a puzzle piece waiting to fit into the larger picture. We are here to aid you in piecing together these fragments, revealing the complete and coherent image they form.” - Mahdi Babaei, Tech Lead (Senior Specialist Lead)

“I’m delighted to be a part of this talented team, creating such innovative products with our customers. I love to help our clients see the value of good design, and that user experience is at the heart of it.” - Anton Delen, UX Design Manager

“Software Group is all about simplifying complex problems through the power of technology. As a Product Manager, I love collaborating with specialists from diverse fields to discover and deliver the best solutions.” - Natalie Seeto, Product Manager