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Trust, social licence and human rights

Building and maintaining trust with your stakeholders has never been more important.

Our expert team can guide you to build, or reinforce, trusting relationships with your stakeholders through:
  • Eliciting your purpose and values as an organisation, to build a uniting ethical framework and developing your people’s capability to make consistent responsible decisions in line with the character of your organisation.
  • Measuring and changing your organisational culture to be aligned to your ethical framework and who you say you are.
  • Understanding the factors that influence stakeholders’ assessment and trust of your organisation and how to improve it.
  • Identifying the key Environment, Social and Governance risks for your organisation and the opportunities to create greater value and build trust through unlocking insights from customers, suppliers, investors, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Building better engagement with stakeholders and communities through strategies that effectively respond to their expectations
  • Supporting compliance obligations through sustainability auditing, NGERS reporting and a comprehensive package responding to Australia’s Modern Slavery Act.

Energy Utility

As a major player in its state’s energy grid, the client’s operations touch multiple stakeholders across a wide geographic area. Since 2012, we have worked with this client to conduct annual surveys and biannually conduct 100 in-depth interviews to establish their social licence to operate and identify opportunities to build trust and collaboration.

Our methodology and measurement tool helps identify the most influential stakeholders for the client, and the issues that are important to them. Our work has helped the client to increase its social licence to operate – a barometer of trust in the organisation – over the years and to address stakeholder concerns at an early stage before they become significant challenges.

Telecommunications Company

The client wished to undertake a detailed assessment to identify more granular human rights risk within its supply chain and develop a supplier engagement tool for use in remediation.

We deployed our Supplier Risk Intelligence (SRI) tool to assess ~670 suppliers believed to be potentially high risk. The SRI used the client’s supplier information to identify any negative sentiment in published media articles in 16 languages around the world, using a list of 24 human rights risks agreed with the client. The analysis used negative sentiment, location risk and sub-category risk to prioritise suppliers for remediation activity.

We then developed a questionnaire, aligned to the client’s supplier code of conduct, for the client to hold initial discussions with its suppliers.

Ethics and Responsible Business

Responsible decision-making methodologies and tools will assist your organisation in eliciting your moral foundations and build stakeholder trust.

Human rights and modern slavery

Our human rights and modern slavery assessment tools and methodologies will protect the most vulnerable in society and your organisations reputation.