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Behaviour and emotion analytics to transform your call centre

When you’re running a contact centre, every call matters – but without face-to-face interaction, it’s easy to miss half the conversation. That’s why we developed TrueVoice – to give you the full picture. TrueVoice is an outcome-based voice analytics platform which analyses behaviour and emotion on each and every call, enabling you to quickly highlight areas of potential risk and non-compliance and identify opportunities to improve outcomes to support the modernisation of your contact centres.

Key benefits when using TrueVoice

TrueVoice: Helping you make the right call


Rather than relying on traditional keyword spotting alone, TrueVoice uses AI to analyse behaviour and emotion on every call, helping you to quickly understand how your customers and call agents are really feeling. And because it monitors all your customer interactions it can quickly highlight areas of risk as well as opportunities to improve the customer experience and reduce churn.
When you want to do the right thing for every customer, TrueVoice helps you make the right call.

How it works

  • Understand what was said - TrueVoice turns each interaction into text.
  • Understand how it was said - We analyse properties of the call including tempo, amplitude, pitch, tone and non-semantic communication.
  • Combine additional data to create a ”single customer view” - Insight is captured from the voice interaction and combined with additional data sources about the customer to provide a complete customer journey.
  • Rank each interaction - TrueVoice analyses each call against the population enabling your business to become more predictive and proactive.
  • Everything you need to know - The results provide insight into potential revenue generating opportunities. It also helps detect customer vulnerability, agent pressure and early warning signs of complaints.
  • All within a centralised view - Key business and customer outcomes are displayed, so you can review and take action quickly. This helps you improve your call centre operations whilst looking after your agents and improving customer experience.
  • Continuous learning - Embedding machine learning allows TrueVoice to continuously improve – offering smarter, faster insights over time.

TrueVoice ™ differentiators

  • Built for the Cloud
  • AI-based; Machine Learning (ML) models predict outcomes, beyond simple word-spotting
  • Outlier detection, insight focus
  • Analyses both, “what is said” and “how it is said”
  • Linked to business outcomes and tied to a customer journey, rather than isolated interactions
  • Can be deployed as a managed service to minimise your investment requirements