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Transformation Confidence

Confidence in your delivery today and tomorrow

Volatility and uncertainty characterise many of the challenges confronting organisations today as we operate in an environment under considerable disruption and change. Disruptive forces include digital innovation, regulatory change and the need to respond to environmental and social expectations. The level of change required to address this disruption often requires significant step change and results in transformational programs.

Sadly, transformation programs are complex and difficult to deliver and there are numerous examples of research suggesting that most fail to achieve their stated goals. The reasons behind these high levels of apparent failure are multiple but generally involve a failure to understand and adapt to the risks presented by complexity in the transformation.

Our Transformation Confidence capability team, as part of our Risk Advisory business, offers the chance to inject much needed confidence into your transformation program to address both confidence today and confidence tomorrow. Remaining firmly independent of solution vendors, our team work in partnership with our client teams to help assess and enhance your capability to architect and navigate the transformational journey.

We offer support to build executive confidence in your current capability to deliver through:

  • Project and Program Reviews – in which we follow a structured independent assessment of current project and program management maturity within your organisations and help you design a pathway forward to improve organisational capability and capacity; and
  • Portfolio Optimisation – in which we assist you in assessing current enterprise level portfolio management practices and tools to prioritise and govern your portfolio of projects and programs.

We further offer support to architect and deliver complex transformation programs through:

  • Transformation Program Design – to support establishment of the transformation program plans and governance arrangements – often involving design and development of the governing Program Management Office with a view to upskill and transfer to your team; and
  • Transformation program Delivery support – in which our subject matter experts and team provide on-going and active support to you throughout the transformation journey to help assess and manage the delivery and transition risks and challenges. Our support can further involve managing the change necessary to deliver sustainable results.

Importantly, while partnering with our Transformation Confidence team, you will also have access to the wide range of related services that can be provided from across Deloitte to address any identified risks to your transformation program and further improve your likelihood of transformational success.