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Technology Risk and Controls Transformation

Our technology risk and controls solutions help our clients navigate technology risk through enhanced technology risk management capabilities and transformed IT controls that are effective, sustainable, efficient, and risk aligned.

Increased connectivity, heightened customer expectations, growing cyber threats, digital transformation and intensified levels of external scrutiny add layers of complexity to technology risk profiles that, if neglected, can hinder an organisation in the pursuit of its goals. 

Our Technology Risk and Controls Transformation team helps organisations make critical and risk informed choices based on:

  • A tailored understanding of IT risks
  • Our experience of what good IT risk management looks like
  • Our ability to collaborate with our clients to develop pragmatic fit for purpose solutions.

Our approach to technology risk is founded on providing advice and assurance over "what must go right". This is influenced by factors within our clients' industries and the way our people truly understand the risks, issues and opportunities inherent at our clients.

Our technology risk and controls solutions comprise advisory and assurance services.

Technology Risk Transformation

  • We work with our clients to establish effective IT governance frameworks,  providing advice to help align critical technology decisions with organisational strategies 
  • We deliver targeted risk assessments at enterprise, business unit, service and system levels for our clients.
  • We also help them undertake technology due diligence where required We help transform organisations’ risk management capabilities through the delivery of improved IT risk frameworks, IT risk and assurance operating models, and the implementation of risk management technologies.

Technology Controls Assurance 

  • Our technology assurance solutions include all aspects of IT audit, from building risk-based internal audit plans to executing individual internal audits across a wide range of solutions, capabilities and processes in both operational and transformational environments
  • When undertaking external audits, we also assess general IT and automated controls enabled in core business processes
  • Our deep understanding of IT controls and structured assurance methodologies also extends to the delivery of readiness and attestation services that assist clients manage particular regulation, deliver third party assurance, or provide business partners with comfort that their IT services are adequately controlled.