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Sustainable finance

Accelerating integration of environmental and financial considerations

Sustainable finance is the integration of environmental and social considerations, risks and opportunities into the financial sector.

Investors are recognising that assessing societal and environmental impact enhances their creation and protection of long-term value and delivering financial returns.

Businesses are ‘greening finance’ by integrating environmental and social factors into mainstream financial decision making and ‘financing green’ by accelerating finance to deliver environmental and social objectives

Article 2 of the Paris Agreement requires an alignment of financial flows with a 1.5/2°C trajectory. Together with the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, it is driving a fundamental reshaping of finance and a rethink of our current economic development model.

We work closely with government to develop sustainable finance strategies and support the acceleration of sustainable finance to become an integral part of the financial sector.

In the private sector, we work with organisations on a range of sustainable finance strategies and capabilities including :

  • Integration of environment, social and governance (ESG) into financial decision making
  • Impact investing to deploy capital where precise impact can be measured
  • Investment opportunities in the transition to low carbon and zero carbon
  • Aligning ESG risk management polices and processes to regulatory expectations