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Energy Management

The path to net-zero starts with commitment

Globally, climate change and energy transition are influencing businesses and shifting the actions of buyers, consumers and employees. Corporates, infrastructure authorities, councils and universities are committing to net zero emissions to support these science-based climate targets. The long and challenging path of decarbonisation to net-zero starts with a commitment.

Corporates are responding to shareholder requirements to lower carbon footprint and comply with climate related disclosure requirements. For energy intensive industrial businesses, understanding their carbon footprint and associated climate risks has become ever more important, as is the need to manage their exposure to the transitioning electricity markets. Many large fossil fuel companies are evaluating decarbonisation pathways, designing their carbon abatement roadmaps, and undertaking abatement impact analysis which have significant linkages with the ongoing energy and grid transition.

The first step in decarbonising is to fully understand and optimise your energy usage. The options on how you contract, source, store, share, and use energy are far more complex than they were only a few years ago. The days of just getting three quotes and selecting the cheapest are long gone. You now have options to generate onsite, to contract through Power Purchase Agreements, to access innovative contractual and technological storage and demand response solutions.

This complexity is not the core business of most companies and the energy companies offering services are of course highly invested in making sure they lock you in to the highest level of profitability that you will accept.

Deloitte offers an independent view to help you to understand in clear concise language the many options that exist and help you think through what mixture of solutions might best fit your unique circumstances.

We have a national team of highly experienced energy professionals who have worked across all aspects of energy, work closely with all of the emerging technology solutions, and have been at the forefront of creating the innovative contracting structures that we are seeing in the market.


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