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Digital Compliance Platform

Reduce compliance costs, increase control effectiveness and coverage, and build a more robust control environment

Our bespoke solutions built utilising the Digital Compliance Platform (DCP) enable organisations to gain better oversight of their compliance and internal control activities. This is achieved through gathering firsthand evidence from the frontline proving the existence and effectiveness of compliance activities or controls. Deloitte offers an Australian hosted, cloud-based platform to facilitate an efficient and seamless process.

How does DCP provide value?

The DCP approach reduces the time and effort required to facilitate compliance reviews, control self-assessments or internal control reviews in particular where the information has to be gathered from multiple sources (people or locations).

Who is it for?

Any client who:

  • Who needs oversight of compliance activities across numerous persons/ locations. For example, third party grant recipients.
  • Currently uses spreadsheets and emails to perform Control Self-Assessment or Attestations
  • Is concerned insufficient evidence is gathered around effectiveness of existing controls or compliance activities
  • Is interested in building a more robust control and compliance environment
  • Does not want to implement a costly enterprise GRC platform.
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The DCP Difference

Key benefits
  • Digital Solution: Avoids cumbersome spreadsheets and archaic paper based processes. Our DCP approach is easy, intuitive and flexible; reducing the administrative burden usually associated with large scale Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platforms
  • Compliance Costs: Reduce compliance costs through the use of a digital platform and thereby decreasing the need for travel and deployment of individuals for site visits. Significantly reduces business disruption.
  • Cloud Based: As a cloud-based product, DCP is able to stand alone from existing applications. This offsets the need for costly integration with existing systems and additional investment in infrastructure
  • Scalable solution: As an Australian hosted, cloud based, Software as a Service product means DCP is mobile and accessible on a global scale. No integration required
  • Interactive Dynamic Reporting: Tailor dynamic live reports to identify opportunities for control or compliance improvements early. Share information with the Board and Audit Committee to demonstrate efforts being taken to improve the control and compliance environment.