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Deloitte and CyberArk

Deloitte and CyberArk have partnered to offer a suite of solutions to address the risks associated with privileged accounts.

Our Alliance

At the heart of modern-day technology and within every electronic transaction between people and machines lives an identity. Identities present the lock and key to protected and valuable capital resources, pivotal to protecting our security, individuality and access to privileged resources and capabilities.

Deloitte and CyberArk have partnered to offer a suite of solutions to address the risks associated with privileged accounts, including privileged identities accessing sensitive resources to systems and applications exchanging information using APIs and authenticating via service accounts. At Deloitte we have a breadth of global security team members with expert capability in designing, implementing, and supporting the CyberArk solution platform.

Deloitte has always been at the forefront of this technology. Deloitte is one of the first few partners in APJ to train and certify cloud engineers that independently deploy the CyberArk privilege cloud solution with minimal support from the vendor. We are the first partner to certify 3 guardian architects, the highest certification provided by CyberArk in the APJ region and one of the first globally. Deloitte is the preferred partner ‘to go to’ for complex deployments, and we are once again pleased to for that, Deloitte have been awarded once again as the APJ Partner of the Year 2021.

From CyberArk: “CyberArk is pleased to recognise Deloitte Australia as our 2021 APJ System Integrator Partner of the Year. "Deloitte continues to be one of CyberArk’s leading partners in ANZ and across the wider Asia Pacific Japan APJ region. Deloitte’s PAM team in Australia has extensive experience working with large organisations through various initiatives such as strategy and visioning, architecture & design, implementation and ongoing support services. Their ongoing commitment to excellence is demonstrated through being one of the most certified CyberArk partners in ANZ, with multiple Certified Delivery Engineers across a range of CyberArk technologies, including Privilege Cloud." Jason Choong, Senior Director of APJ Partner and Inside Sales.


Understanding your current privileged identity landscape We will help you on your privileged account security journey, starting with a discovery process to identify and map out the privileged accounts that exist within your organisation. This will enable us to identify your security gaps, and the solution capabilities available to address the account risks detected. We then use this as our guiding map to enable you to make data-driven steps towards implementing a CyberArk solution.