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Cyber Strategy Framework

Cyber resilience. Delivered.

Deloitte’s Cyber Strategy Framework provides a proven approach to managing cyber resilience with confidence, based on your specific business, threats and capabilities.

Supported by a dedicated and intuitive online platform, Deloitte’s Cyber Strategy Framework helps organisations to understand their level of cyber resilience based on their critical business assets, their threat landscape and the maturity of their cyber capabilities. Integrated dashboards allow organisations to monitor their level of cyber resilience, and can be customised for an operational, managerial and executive audience.

Enhance the value of your cyber investments
Understand the most important cyber capabilities for your business based on your specific threat landscape.

Facilitate communication with internal and external stakeholders
Share information with internal stakeholders and external stakeholders such as regulators using an integrated suite of customisable dashboards.

Improved risk governance
Identify threats and vulnerabilities proactively to ensure effective risk management and ownership.