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Deloitte CISO program

Connect, support and lead by example

A space for security leaders to challenge themselves and explore their potential

The role of the CISO is more critical and demanding than ever. Effective leaders who can address the many challenges beyond just the technical are in high demand.

We understand this and have created a program that is tailored to enhance your leadership skills and to help elevate your impact through experiential learning.

Our CISO program aims to put the life of a cyber security leader into perspective, enabling you to lead by example, pursue growth, and tackle the challenges many cyber security leaders face. 

Why join our CISO program?

You have the technical skills, but how do you apply these skills to the everyday situations generated by cyber risk? How do you make an impact on your board to gain their trust?

The CISO program complements the CISO lifecycle with tools, interactive lab experiences, and learning opportunities to balance the shifting pressures posed by the role. 

The program centres on five key components we believe to be the enablers of success in the cyber world and beyond.

Our CISO program is tailored to your needs

Our CISO labs harness Deloitte’s broad capabilities to deliver forward thinking perspectives and fresh insights to help you and your team manage the complexities of your roles, drive more value in the organisation, and adapt to the changing strategic shifts in cyber.

We facilitate transition labs, strategic thinking labs, and problem-solving workshops to develop your personal growth in your role, within a team, and across the wider organisation.

You can be nominated for one of our unique labs by your Deloitte contact.

You will have exclusive access to a variety of themed and industry-focused events that offer new insights, industry expertise and opportunities for discussion.

The future of cyber continues to evolve and staying current has never been so important. Deloitte cyber insights and survey findings can help you navigate the future with greater confidence.

Deloitte CISO program

Connect, support and lead by example