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Bold moves in the boardroom: skills and capabilities fit for the future

Research report

Boards continue to operate amidst an ongoing global pandemic, persistent cyber threats, trade wars, climate activism and heightened geopolitical tensions. So how can boards of the future be better equipped to successfully navigate new exigencies and how does diversity fit into this picture.

Against this backdrop, the 30% Club Australia and Deloitte Australia
took the opportunity to engage with 31 leading members of the board community, along with representatives from investors and executive search firms, to capture their observations and insights as to the capabilities required by the boards of the future. In particular, we asked whether boards of the future could be better equipped to successfully navigate new exigencies, and whether
and how diversity fits into this picture.

The report looks at these four questions:

  1. Why a focus on future fitness?
  2. What new capabilities are needed?
  3. Where is new talent located?
  4. Who needs to drive change?

“We are delighted to share a summary of great stories, ideas and insights from
members of our board community who not only see the value of diversity of
thought - and diversity of all kinds – but are challenging the long-held limitations on board composition and culture that are ripe for reform.” – Tom Imbesi

About the 30% Club Australia

The 30% Club Australia launched in May 2015 with the primary objective of campaigning for 30 per cent women on ASX200 boards by the end 2018. Nicola Wakefield Evans is the Chair of the 30% Club Australia and is supported by a Steering Committee, ASX300 Chairs, a number of Working Groups and valued supporters in promoting the benefits of diversity at all levels of business. In March 2019, the 30% Club Australia announced a new objective for 30 per cent women on ASX300 boards by the end of 2021. This was achieved in February 2021.  The 30% Club Australia continues to focus on the boards of ASX300 companies that have not reached the 30 per cent target and on increasing diversity in senior leadership teams of the ASX300. 


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