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Supporting global winemaking business navigate a changing climate


The consumer and agriculture industries are facing dual challenges from climate change – the changing preferences of consumers towards more sustainable products as well as the increasing impacts of extreme weather and long-term climate changes. The wine sector is particularly exposed, given the long-term nature of wine growing and need to make decisions now which impact the quality of wine for decades.
Our client, a global winemaking and distribution business, sought our assistance to help them identify the most material impacts of climate change on their global business now and over the coming decades.

What we did

Using our Deloitte Decarbonisation SolutionsTM asset we explored the most material physical climate risks and climate transition impacts for their business at 2030, 2050 and 2070. We delivered interactive dashboards supported by a report that highlights the key strategic impacts.

We performed physical risk and transition risk scenario analysis to identify risks, impacts and opportunities focused on

  • Water availability and quality
  • Extreme weather
  • Long term chronic climate impacts including drought and temperature rise, and
  • Consumer preference changes.

We also developed a decarbonisation pathway for the business to reduce the emissions from its global operations.

Supporting the impact analysis, we also developed adaptation roadmaps to support the business make appropriate long-term decisions to respond to the changing conditions


Our work gave the client the long-term strategic insights and a global perspective that will inform their decisions regarding investing in new areas, looking at new varietals and brands to respond to changing weather patterns and consumer attitudes hand in hand.

Climate risk and decarbonisation

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