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Helping global diversified miner plot the course to net zero by 2050


Our client led the global resources industry with a public commitment to reach net zero emissions for its global operations in the second half of the century, in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement goals. It wished to develop the options, tools and pathways to enable the company to prioritise its decarbonisation investments and to link interim targets with global climate scenarios. It also sought to run workshops globally to work with operational staff to engage them in the project and to develop practical and implementable project options.

Description of services provided and outcomes delivered

Deloitte established a reliable, accessible and editable source of data that is providing deep insight into decarbonisation pathways that are available. This analysis was used to inform the position with respect to emissions reduction. During this project, Deloitte also:

  • Embedded the MACC modelling tool to meet all reporting needs and to input a large number of potential projects that could be delivered across global operations.
  • Leveraged the MACC tool to assess the full cost of implementation of each option.
  • Facilitated a series of interactive workshops in all key operating locations, including specific time to work with asset managers to develop the correct data for inclusion.
  • Analysed company-wide emissions data and loaded into the Deloitte Science Based Target tool to assist with decision making on interim target development.

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