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Are you managing your ESG Data Risks?

A series brought to you by the Risk Advisory team at Deloitte Australia

This series provides a perspective on how Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) data challenges are impacting Financial Institutions (FSIs), and will introduce the capabilities that can help meet ESG Measurement and Disclosure requirements and generate valuable insights into your performance as a responsible business.

Many FSIs are challenged by new measurement and disclosure requirements and investor demands related to ESG data. As the effects of climate change become more apparent, emissions increase, and regulatory moods shift, it is becoming increasingly likely that climate reporting, in some form, will be a routine requirement of organisations in the low-carbon future. If your organisation already tracks and reports certain ESG data, or this is a new endeavour, investing in your organisation's capabilities and processes will ensure you have reliable, timely data available to meet your disclosure requirements, track the implementation of your climate strategy, and provide additional value, insight and assurance to your investors and stakeholders.

Our blog series will provide you insights into: -

  • The fundamental issues FSIs face when it comes to managing ESG data Read more 
  • The risks if FSIs don’t get their ESG data right (downside risk) Coming soon
  • The opportunities and value ESG data can generate for FSIs (upside risk) Coming soon
  • What capabilities are needed to ensure ESG data is captured, managed and distributed across your business in a reliable manner Coming soon
  • Case study examples which demonstrate how organisations have strengthened their monitoring and reporting capabilities, achieve greater insights and make better decisions through reliable and timely ESG data Coming soon

Are you interested to know more about our offerings? Watch this space for our next blog. Would you like to know how ready your organisation is for measuring and reporting ESG data? Click here to self-assess your compliance with regulatory expectations.