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Doing business in Japan for Australian companies

For Australian companies investing in Japan
  • Getting connected with potential Japanese investors
  • Communicating with the real decision makers and expediting the decision making process
  • Negotiating to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.
Our targeted JSG services include
  • Organising investment road shows on your behalf
  • Presenting your investment opportunities to the investors at the right decision making level
  • Conducting initial screening on potential investors
  • Providing advisory services
  • Conducting vendor due diligence
  • Providing advice on transaction negotiation and structure.
For Australian companies expanding into Japan
  • Acquiring a sufficient understanding of doing business in Japan
  • Developing a good entry strategy for your target market in Japan
  • Working with Japanese partners to access customers and capital
  • Obtaining an in-depth understanding of laws and regulations that govern foreign entities
  • Managing a local workforce in accordance to Japanese law.
Our targeted JSG services include
  • Provide workshops and training courses on doing business in Japan
  • Conduct market assessment and provide entry strategy advice
  • Develop growth strategies
  • Identify and evaluate strategic partners alliances or acquisition targets
  • Provide international tax and business vehicle planning, and organisational guidance.