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Needs and Challenges of Japanese Companies in Australia

In April 2015, we held a seminar on "Transfer Pricing Tax Update" for Japanese companies.

In addition to explaining the latest information on transfer pricing taxation in Australia, he gave a lecture on the outline and current status of the base erosion and profit transfer project being promoted by the OECD, and the response of Japanese companies.

If you would like the materials used on the day, please contact Yuko Murray. (Please note that we do not distribute soft copies.) )

  • Acquisition of appropriate levels of management and business execution capabilities
  • Develop an optimal transfer pricing policy
  • Financing for investment
  • Understanding Australian labour law and effectively managing a culturally diverse workforce
  • Improve cost structure and stay competitive

Services that the Japanese Service Group can provide to meet the above needs and issues

  • Identify profitable investment opportunities for your company
  • Develop HR strategies that match the diversity of the workforce and commercial objectives
  • Create a transfer pricing model that works for your business
  • Providing advice on employment management, financial reporting and investment structures

Needs and Challenges of Japanese Companies Investing in Australia

  • In-depth understanding of laws and regulations governing foreign investment
  • Identify projects and companies that are appropriate for regional investment criteria
  • Coexistence and co-prosperity with Australian partners
  • Understand Australia's complex tax laws and implications for business transactions
  • Securing approval from the Foreign Investment Review Committee

Services that the Japanese Service Group can provide to meet the above needs and issues

  • Workshops and training for investing in Australia
  • Market assessment and entry strategy advice
  • Identify and evaluate strategic partners, projects and acquisition targets
  • Proxy negotiations with strategic partners and advice and negotiation on how to deal with them
  • Due diligence during projects and acquisitions