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Value Track

Financial performance insights and monitoring, powered by modern technology and analytics

Our goal is to empower our clients with personalised digital solutions to monitor portfolio and business performance, and focus operational action in the areas that drive financial value.

Our clients get a tailored online solution with targeted interactive dashboards to step change the way they monitor performance of their business or portfolio of businesses and improve financial value.

See what our clients are saying:

  • “The performance dashboards enable our executive team to continuously refocus on key issues & opportunities, and cascade the right insights down through our business”
  • "We can rapidly understand what's driving performance in advance of Board and Management meetings to make meetings more informed”
  • "While our Business Intelligence team is good, we needed your business and commercial experience to harness data for executive decision making.”

Key Client Solutions

Portfolio monitoring for Private Equity & Alternate Lenders with deep dive into the performance of each investment & capture deal team commentary.

Efficient & insightful financial trend / variance analysis, issue & opportunity identification, benefits tracking and interactive drill down to key value drivers.

Unlock signification value with advanced analytics insights on receivables, payables and inventory to identify cash opportunities & tools to sustain.

Portfolio and store performance trends & KPIs via visual interactive reporting, with deep dive tools in key value drivers to uncover specific opportunities.

Monitor financial and operational performance of site portfolio, with option of implementing an efficient cash flow forecasting, lender, or board reporting solution.

Tailored solutions to support financial and credit assessments, monitoring of providers, or implementation and tracking of government funding.

What our clients value?

  1. Modern performance monitoring with insights cascading through the organisation to focus decisions and action on the levers that best improve revenue, profit and working capital
  2. Capture commentary from internal & external stakeholders while improving transparency
  3. Advanced data analytics and interactive visual dashboards targeting financial value
  4. Online user-friendly platform tailored to the business needs with ongoing managed support
  5. Reporting efficiency to free up time for value-add activities and scale as the business grows
  6. Innovative & collaborative approach with simple access to relevant Deloitte SMEs