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Turnaround & Restructuring for the public sector

Helping government rapidly implement optimal restructuring solutions

As the public service undergoes reform, government agencies must act decisively to ensure stakeholder value is protected. Deloitte’s Turnaround & Restructuring team works with government to drive financial sustainability so that providers can rapidly deliver better services and achieve greater community outcomes.

The Australian Public Service (APS) is downsizing, revamping, and transforming. Driven by budgetary constraints and new approaches to public service delivery, the pace and dimensions of the overhaul are unprecedented.

Deloitte’s specialists combine their core restructuring skills and commercial expertise with advanced data analytics to help departments and agencies deliver effective solutions and realise the APS’ reform agenda.

Our large Australian team is part of a global network of approximately 1,750 restructuring professionals, as well as sector and technical specialists. Alongside public service restructuring, we can also help public sector organisations to:

  • turnaround government-owned corporations
  • begin formal insolvency proceedings for companies that owe money to the government or are being wound up as part of a regulatory process (such as Australian Securities and Investments Commission surveillance activity)
  • verify information provided by parties an organisation is dealing with – including advising on creditworthiness and reputation and contracting with other parties to reduce risk.

How we can help

Where government is a service provider, our team can:

  • review base funding and operating models
  • assess strategic financial sustainability and optimise public service costs
  • perform due diligence on government funding initiatives and programs
  • provide strategic project governance
  • support policy execution.

Where government is a buyer, we can:

  • assess financial and funding viability
  • review commercial principles
  • provide ongoing monitoring
  • conduct investigative accounting
  • help with government procurement and divestment. 

Where government is a lender, our team can:

  • help with program application design
  • conduct credit assessments
  • provide debt advisory and structuring advice
  • review covenants and term sheets
  • help with portfolio management.