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Mergers and divestments

M&A, integration and divestment advice and support

Whether you are buying or selling in a transaction, merging or divesting, our team has the experience and knowledge to be your 'deal navigator'. Our strategic advice supports you in resolving the key questions related to each stage of the deal journey.

Mergers and divestments

Our team delivers exceptional M&A results for large listed and multinational companies. We understand that inorganic growth and portfolio rationalisation are critical levers to your success. Our focus on deal value creation and protection will successfully guide you through target screening, commercial and operational due diligence and integration or separation execution.

Deloitte’s professionals have the experience be your deal navigator, whether your focus is on growth through acquisitions or increasing shareholder value through strategic divestments, our team can work with you to answer the critical questions related to each stage of the transaction.

  • What role does inorganic growth play in your overall business strategy?
  • What potential targets exist to meet your growth ambitions?
  • What are the potential early stage commercial and operational deal breakers?
  • Is the target operating in attractive market?
  • Is the target positioned strongly within the industry relative to its competitors?
  • Are the growth projections realistic compared to market fundamentals?
  • What is the integration strategy and how will value be extracted from the deal?
  • What is the synergy value to be included in the valuation?
  • What are the operational risks and how do you plan to manage them?
  • How do you deliver on the deal promise and ensure synergy realisation?
  • How do you minimise business disruption?
  • How do you ensure you are tracking to plan?
  • What is the operational and financial scope of the business to be divested?
  • How connected is the business (i.e. the separation complexity) and how do you plan to minimise value leakage?
  • What are the costs to separate the business and what are the standalone running costs?

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