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Deloitte’s eHearing practice is an experienced and trusted group. With industry leading experts we deliver impactful eHearing solutions involving complex litigation, multi-party disputes, arbitrations & mediations, Royal Commissions, inquiries and more.

Within an emerging virtual landscape, our remote and hybrid hearing solutions will help you enable fast end-to-end hearing activations, for cases large or small. 

What’s your challenge?


  • How can I connect hearing stakeholders across a multitude of devices, locations and technology environments, whilst being conscious of various security or confidentiality measures?
  • Who can help me cost effectively prepare and present my evidence in an impactful manner?
  • Am I in need of high-quality livestreaming services that maximise the reach of my hearing? 


How we can help


  • Benefit from a secure, reliable and interoperable eHearing platform & livestreaming services
  • Transition discovery data efficiently, reducing costs
  • Deliver wireless and easily configurable solutions
  • Access high quality video and audio, and advanced technology
  • Broadcast to any room around the country in under a day
  • Minimise risks associated with remote technology environments
  • Manage and operate the hearing smoothly


Who we are


  • Multi-disciplinary and Collaborative – eHearing experts work alongside and with our eDiscovery practitioners, digital forensic specialists and data scientists.
  • Experienced – our team consists of industry leading experts with over 15 years of experience across hundreds of trials, arbitrations and Australia’s largest Royal Commissions.


You can engage us for one or any combination of these services:

We’ll work with you to decide the platform that best suits your hearing needs, which we will then customise and actively manage. Any of our video conferencing tools enable the integration of all remote participants and hearing rooms. Our Virtual Hearing Operator will be present throughout the hearing to manage the breakout rooms and to resolve privacy or technical issues.

We can help you collate and organise your document set into a secure cloud-based hearing book. Parties will be able to collaborate, share markings, perform comprehensive searches within a platform tailored to the requirements and security measures of the eHearing. Our Deloitte Evidence Management specialists will support you to update the hearing book material rapidly as the hearing progresses.

Using industry renowned presentation software, our Evidence Presentation Officers will readily display needed evidence throughout the hearing. We understand the importance in reviewing your case materials pre-hearing to ensure swift recall of evidence and presentation that can make an impact for your case.

Our broadcast quality audio-visual hardware will enable your hearing to be delivered to participants across the globe, seamlessly. We can fully customise this solution to your needs. For example, streams can be provisioned privately with password protection and IP whitelisting to ensure enhanced security.

Software Group

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At Deloitte's Software Group, we drive strategic growth and transformation through the innovative application of technology. Our software product suite offers solutions to critical, cross-industry, large-scale global issues driven by disruption and transformation.