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Digital Forensic Insider Threat - DFIT

Make the complex, simple. Identify threats before you know you have one.

At Deloitte our experts have developed a proactive digital forensic workflow called DFIT to manage technology investigations of complex and evolving organisational risk and legal obligations. Today’s flexible workforce means that organisations have to review and adapt their data security and compliance measures to ensure they are prepared when an insider threat or security issue arises.

DFIT is a broad and rich digital forensic investigation and compliance framework that combines our expertise with cutting edge technology. Powered by Nuix, it is designed to collect user activity and system data from corporate network endpoints using highly specific modules and customised rulesets tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Our award winning innovative proactive digital forensic solution identifies internal threats or issues discreetly, securely and confidentially. This defensible methodology preserves the integrity of the electronic data being examined, whilst providing the ability to triage the data and identify red flags of potential active threats across multiple issues.

This capability enables our digital forensic team the unparralled capability to monitor situations before escalating to traditional digital forensic investigations, ultimately improving response times and the ability to identify actionable evidence in a cost effective manner.

Challenges we solve

  • Confidential information leaks
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Employment policy breaches
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Employee pre-departure
  • Internal compliance

Who we help

  • General Counsel
  • CRO
  • Compliance / HR
  • CISO
  • CIO

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Digital Forensic

Deloitte’s Digital Forensic practice is an experienced and established group. With decades of experience we bring value to our clients when they are faced with issues involving technology investigations, cyber forensic incident response, mobile device analysis and proactive advisory services.