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Turnaround Tales

A Turnaround & Restructuring Podcast

Join us on Turnaround Tales, a podcast that takes a deep dive into the world of business turnaround. Our conversations with top advisors, executives, and financiers will reveal not just the strategies and tactics behind successful turnarounds, but also the personal stories and experiences of the individuals who drove them. 

Episode 1: Turning around performance

Welcome to the first episode of Turnaround Tales. We’re starting this series with a special discussion.

Deloitte's Richard Hughes is joined by five-time Olympian, Olympic gold & bronze medallist, Natalie Cook, who is currently a director and steward for the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee. We’re also joined by Curtis McGrath, an ex-Combat Engineer deployed to Afghanistan and later three-time gold medallist Paralympian who is also involved in the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committees as a Paralympic advisor.

Tune in to Nat and Curtis' captivating tales of triumph and resilience as they share their journeys of overcoming adversity. From successes to challenges, they will reveal their secrets to turning things around when plans didn't go as expected (spoiler, it was quite often). Gain invaluable insights into the psychology of improving performance, including coping with immense pressure, fostering perseverance, building resilience, and shifting from a ‘problem creator’ to a ‘solution finder’.

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Episode 2: Flight Centre - a stunning turnaround

Operating in 23 countries and poised to reach a record $22 billion in transaction volume, Flight Centre was on track for one of its best years in 2020. Then, everything changed practically overnight. Recently, Gary Smith, Flight Centre's chairman, joined us to share the remarkable story of the company's comeback from its greatest-ever disruption. It's a captivating tale of crisis management and valuable lessons learned.

With extensive industry experience in Tourism, Hotels, and Resorts, along with notable roles such as Chair of Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Deputy Chair of Eco Tourism Australia, and six years on the Board of Tourism Events Queensland, Gary was well-equipped to respond swiftly, engage stakeholders effectively, and preserve the company's culture.

Tune in to hear how Flight Centre bounced back and is thriving again.

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Episode 3: Energy Transition and opportunities for change

With Energy Transition emerging as a significant global disruptor, its effects are reverberating through governments, businesses, and communities alike. Transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy presents numerous challenges, but it also presents many opportunities. Join us for an engaging discussion that delves into this pressing topic, featuring Grant Sparks, Partner in our Turnaround & Restructuring team and Energy & Resources sector. Grant will share his extensive experience in mining and coal-fired power operations, shedding light on the unintended consequences involved and exploring pathways towards achieving a Just Transition. 

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