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IP Advisory: Deep value creation for telecoms companies through Intangible Asset Management

Six essential actions and considerations

As telecoms companies develop new products and services their intellectual property (IP) rights (patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets), as well as other assets including data, brand reputation, strategies, and customer and business relationships, become more and more complex. An effective intangible asset management program can enable ongoing IP management and assessments so that patents are effectively prosecuted, managed and leveraged, and trade secrets retained.

Major telecoms companies should conduct detailed portfolio analyses to understand what is most valuable to them and why. In our new perspective, Deep value creation for telecoms companies through Intangible Asset Management, there are a number of actions to consider.

  • Innovation Planning: Active monitoring, evaluation and protection of intangible assets is essential to generating value from products and services being developed
  • Competitive Intelligence: Understand competitors’ intangible assets to understand their business’ own IP positioning around networks, standards and technology.
  • Portfolio Evaluation: Regular IP portfolio reviews can equip telecoms companies with a clear value assessment of all assets, allowing for an understanding of rights to inform decision making.
  • Risk Mitigation: Effective risk mitigation, including regularly monitoring the filing and litigation activities of competitors, can help avoid lawsuits while developing IP assets.
  • Monetisation: IP divestment, licensing and technology transfers can be executed to generate revenue from under-used and non-core assets.
  • Transaction Execution: Buying, licensing and selling intangible assets requires an in-depth understanding of the nature of assets, target markets, price arguments and deal structures.

Deloitte’s IP Advisory practice leverages its deep IP experience, market and analytics capabilities, and transaction experience to assist clients throughout the IP life cycle ― everything from helping companies design a framework to identify and evaluate their IP, to exploring competitive intelligence and market developments to help monetise assets, and bringing parties together to execute transactions or collaborate effectively.

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